Catamaran Boat Gets a Carbon Fiber DI-NOC Dash

One of our customers recently sent in a few pictures of his install where he brought the dash of his 34-foot Avantage Catamaran boat back to life.  Here’s what it looked like before:\r\n\r\n

\r\n\r\nPretty nasty!  Mainly the big rust stain on the left, but there’s an easy fix for that!  3M’s carbon fiber DI-NOC vinyl of course!  Once all of the gauges and steering wheel were pulled off, the dash was wrapped:\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nLooks a million times better if you ask us…and it only gets better.  Lets get those missing elements installed back on the dash:\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nThis looks fantastic, especially with the real carbon fiber panel to match.  Here’s the final install…it’s a bit hard to tell but white panel under the visor is actually a strip of the CA-419 white carbon fiber DI-NOC vinyl…it’s a very nice attention to detail/design addition if you ask us:\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nThere you have it!  An easy way to get your boat dash looking brand new (even better than new actually) without spending a ton of money.  Here’s a few tips that our customer provided as feedback:\r\n


  1. Always work from the center out.
  2. \r\n

  3. When installing on a rounded surface, heat and pull and with both hands, and down.
  4. \r\n

  5. Put down a guide line of masking tape to cut straight lines.
  6. \r\n

  7. Break off the tip of an Xacto razor blade and it will cut straight lines much better.
  8. \r\n

  9. I put down a thin black line of pinstripe tape to give it more of a finished edge.
  10. \r\n

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  • Christopher Allred

    I’m sold! I’ve got a 8″ lifted 1979 Bronco that’s a beast of a redneck toy. For weeks I’ve been racking my brain on ways to give the dash a modern look. I’m not crazy about the styling of the gauge cluster and all of the faux woodgrain that was stock and all the rage in the coked out late 70’s. I’ve already planned on doing diamond plate to replace the door panels and side panels, but I could not find any dash parts or aftermarket pieces I could mod to look like what I’m dreaming up.\r\n\r\nI’ve found the answer with Di-NOC vinyl, I’m not going to have to settle for a dated blah look or repaint tight interior spaces or worry about color matching. The Di-NOC will solve my dash pad color issue, (I’ve rhinolined the floor black)I can integrate the entire dash with the doors, door sill area, and the interior spaces that won’t be recovered with the diamond plate panels. \r\n\r\nIf I get to feeling real crazy that white color Di-NOC might make a sick look on the fiberglass removable top. Now for a discount, haha.

  • Neil

    I am wondering just how durable your product is and whether it could be utilised on the underside of a boat/yacht to protect the hull below the water line from slime/ barnacles etc?\r\n\r\nNeil

  • It is not marine-rated, and is not recommended to be used where it would be constantly submerged under water.