Need A Larger Size Than 10 Feet Long?

Even though we only list DI-NOC sizes up to 10ft x 4ft on our site, did you know that we can actually provide lengths all the way up to 164ft x 4ft? Whether you’re a shop looking to stock more material, or you need much longer lengths for your project, we’ve got you covered. Just give us a call at 443-270-1603, let us know the length you need, and we’ll let you know what we can do.\r\n\r\nTypically we base your length over 10 feet long on a $5.95 sq/ft pricing.  So if you need 15ft x 4ft, this is 60 sq/ft.  60 sq/ft times $5.95 is $357 for the material.  Sizes over half a roll (82ft x 4ft) will receive a break, and full rolls will get even better pricing.  Confused?  Simply give us a call, and we’ll explain everything to you to better clarify.

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  • Just a question about seems. I’m interested in doing my front spoiler in grey carbon fiber. (As everyone else always does black) Do I need to order a piece long enough to run the entire length of the front spoiler or is it easy to hide the seem from one piece to the next. 72X48 would probably do it lengthwise but I don’t need 48 inches wide of material. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Carbon Fiber Film

    There’s no way around getting a seam unless you do the larger piece. You can minimize the seam by doing a good installation, but it will still probably be seen. This may help though:\n\n