Richard Uses Carbon Fiber 3M DI-NOC On His Volvo S60 R Keyfob

Richard, one of our customers sent us in pictures of his Volvo S60 R keyfob that he covered with the 3M DI-NOC.  This is a great example of creative usage, and what just using a small piece can do!  We asked what Richard thought of the material:\r\n

Material was fantastic. The minute I took it out of the envelope my first impression wasn’t at all what I had expected. The textural feel and its reflective property makes it look like the real thing. It cuts very easy with a fresh X-acto knife and what you saw in those pictures was my first attempt. Came out great!\r\n\r\nI will be ordering another sheet in an attempt to wrap the spaceball (shifter surround).

\r\nHere are a few pictures from our gallery:\r\n\r\n

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