Welcome To Carbon Fiber Film!

Carbon Fiber Film is the premier place on the web to learn about and purchase 3M™ DI-NOC™ carbon fiber vinyl.  Our site is dedicated to educating those out there that want to get the carbon fiber look without paying the high cost normally associated with the material.  Carbon Fiber Film is run by the guys that own Carbon Fiber Gear, the best source on the internet for carbon fiber information and products.  In fact, all of our orders for DI-NOC material are processed on their site.\r\n\r\nSo what is so great about DI-NOC anyway? It’s hands down the best alternative to carbon fiber in terms of looks and installation.  It features an adhesive backing, is waterproof, adheres to almost anything, and has a 4-12 year lifespan.  That makes it perfect for whatever application you use it on, whether you are wrapping the roof of your car or covering the back of your laptop.  Only your imagination will is your limit to what you can make have a carbon fiber look.  To find out more, read through our FAQ.\r\n\r\nThis blog will mainly be a compilation of installations that you guys do and e-mail us.  We would be happy to share what you’ve done with the world, so make sure and send us your pictures and details on the project!  The more unique the better!  We’ll also add it to our gallery, where you’ll find the latest pictures.