What Makes 3M’s Carbon Fiber DI-NOC Film So Easy To Install?

The simple answer is 3M’s Comply adhesive.  What exactly is this though and how does it make any difference compared to other vinyls out there?  Take a look at the picture below:\r\n\r\n3M Comply adhesive\r\n\r\nThis picture is the back of the carbon fiber vinyl after you remove the paper…so it’s the sticky part.  Regular adhesive has a flat/smooth backing, but as you can see, this actually has a grid of squares.  All of those little squares allow air to easily escape through microreplicated channels under the surface of the film as it’s being applied.  The result is a much easier installation with less chance of air bubbles.  On top of that, you would install the vinyl using the dry method, which means there is no need to use soapy water to apply.  If you mess up, you can simply pull it back off and re-stick it.\r\n\r\nThis is just one of the many reasons why the carbon fiber vinyl we carry here at Carbon Fiber Film is the best out there.

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